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Threat Intelligence Platform

Cybersecurity threat analysis and cyber intelligence

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Product overview

Cybersecurity threat data collection, analysis, enrichment, infrastructure detection, and investigation and response.

Security Vision TIP uses sources within the company (SIEM, NGFW, proxy and email servers, etc.), various feeds (commercial and open source), data from analytical centers and universal formats (Syslog, CEF, LEEF, EMBLEM, Event log) for fast analysis of big data.

The analytical base is formed from indicators of compromise (hashes, email addresses and domains, IP and URLs), attacks (registry keys, JARMs and processes) entering the system, and is also enriched with strategic attributes. Thanks to the latter, the analyst will be able to more easily and quickly identify the threat, the attacker, the malware he uses and the vulnerabilities. Built-in response capabilities will complement analytics with direct actions to protect the perimeter.


Processing indicators of various levels

The analytical base is formed at all levels of threat analysis: technical (hash, IP address, URL, domain, email), tactical (process, JARM, registry key), operational (vulnerabilities, malware) and strategic (strategic attribution of data about attackers and threats)

Processing events in the infrastructure

50+ connectors (with the ability to develop new ones) for receiving events from solutions of various classes (SIEM, NGFW, Proxy/Email server, etc.), using universal formats (Syslog, CEF, LEEF, EMBLEM, Event log), as well as data optimization for long-term storage

Advanced detection and response mechanics

DGA mechanisms using machine learning, match and retro search based on the collected data detect a match in any object parameters

Examples and integrations

Feed sources for organizations of various sizes

Commercial subscriptions supported:

• Kaspersky;
• Group IB;
• BI.Zone;
• RST Cloud;
and open-source sources of indicator data:
• Alien Vault;
• Feodo Tracker;
• DigitalSide.

The choice of sources allows you to combine data within single cards, and the frequency of loading is granularly adjusted according to the recommendations of suppliers for feeds of cumulative and regular types.

External analytical services

The solution provides automatic enrichment of indicators using MITRE ATT&CK and various analytics services:

• VirusTotal;
• Shodan;
• KasperskyOpenTIP;
• MaxMind Geo-IP;
• HaveiBeenPwned;

Visualization and analytics

Detections, objects and indicators of various types included in them, using connection graphs, indicate obvious and non-obvious relationships. Graph and table views allow you to run response commands while the analyst is working, for example:

• sending and removing an object from the list for blocking;
• blocking traffic for an IP address;
• adding a URL to the Web-control policy
• shutting down processes and services on the host;
• terminating a user session or changing a password;
and other actions.

Cards and table views for any type of object can be adapted by adding new properties, columns, buttons without any licensing restrictions.

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Other products

Other products


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Automation of response to information security incidents using dynamic playbooks and information security tools, building an attack chain and with an object-oriented approach.


Next Generation SOAR

Automation of response to information security incidents with built-in basic correlation (SIEM), vulnerability Scanner (VS), collection of raw events directly from information security tools, dynamic playbooks, building an attack chain and an object-oriented approach. AM and VM are included.


Asset Management

Description of the IT landscape, detection of new objects on the network, categorization of assets, inventory, life cycle management of equipment and software on automated workstations and servers of organizations.


Risk Management

Formation of a register of risks, threats, protection measures and other control parameters, assessment using the chosen methodology, formation of a list of additional measures to change the level of risk, control of execution, periodic reassessment.


User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Building behavior models and detecting deviations from them using several dozen built-in static analysis rules.


Operational Risk Management

Accounting and recording of operational risk events, monitoring of key risk indicators and self-assessment/control


Vulnerability Management

Building a process for detecting and eliminating technical vulnerabilities, collecting information from existing security scanners, update management platforms, expert external services and other solutions.


Compliance Management

Audit of compliance with various methodologies and standards


User and Entity Behavior Analysis

Dynamic behavioral analysis to search for anomalies using machine learning and to search for possible incidents.


Business Continuity Plan

Automation of ensuring continuity and restoration of activities after emergencies.


Financial Computer Emergency Response Team

Financial Computer Emergency Response Team


Government Computer Emergency Response Team

Government Computer Emergency Response Team


Operational Technology Security

Operational Technology Security

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