"Security Vision SOAR is the very heart of rapid response."

Marina Pletneva Leading Project Manager

"The Security Vision solution, in terms of price-quality ratio, satisfied our needs to the maximum. We implemented it and are actively using it and we plan to develop it further."

Andrey Nuikin Head of Information Systems Security Department of Vice President for IT

"After looking at the market, we realized that the best solution for us is Security Vision. We were able to master the product fairly quickly out of the box by building all the necessary integrations with our contractors. Time to market was measured in a couple of months. For a large company with a lot of resources, this is a pretty good result."

Andrey Kashirin Information Security Director

"We have restarted our Security Vision-based IRP platform, which allows us to expedite incident response times."

Pavel Goncharov Deputy Director for Development

"By and large, any scenario can be implemented on the basis of Security Vision."

Vyacheslav Kasimov Director of Information Security Department

"We chose the Security Vision software product basing on the results of a long comparison of various solutions presented on the domestic market. Colleagues won in a fair competition. We use it successfully and do not regret about our choice."

Anton Baitala Project Director

"The SOAR solution from Security Vision meets all our requirements. It cost significantly cheaper than competitors. At the same time, we like the way the Security Vision team works out feedback on the product and the implementation process, we like the quality of the support provided on the project."

Sergei Bychkov Deputy Head of Information Security

"Today there is a high demand on the Russian market for the protection of corporate information systems. The integration of BI.ZONE and Security Vision products brings together two perspectives on cybersecurity. Our collaboration will help businesses respond faster to cyberattacks and minimize damage from them."

Teymur Kheirkhabarov Director of the Department of Monitoring, Response and Research of Cyber Threats

"For our SOC-center, the Security Vision SOAR system is a universal “data bus” in terms of processing information security incidents. Through it, you can carry out complex integrations with IT and information security systems of customers. Security Vision SOAR allows you to automate most of the time-consuming manual work of SOC operators and use the flexible logic of tools when developing response playbooks, as well as interact with a large set of software products."

Nikolai Agrinsky General Director

"The integration of Smart Monitor and Security Vision makes it possible to implement wide functionality for orchestrating information security incidents. The combined use of these products allows us to bring SOC platforms to a new technological level."

Ivan Silkin Technical Director of Smart Monitor Development

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